Feeling Recharged

Happy New Year!  We just got back from a wonderful week in Tucson with my family.  My mom and stepdad and dad and stepmom live in Tucson but on opposite sides of the mountain.  It is great to be able to see both of them when we visit.

Each day was filled with tons of walks, yummy food, and laughter.  My sister and her family were able to come as well as my brother.  I have 3 siblings, and we live all over the country.  It is pretty special when we can be together.  We definitely missed our sister in Chicago though!

The cherry on the top was getting to see my best friend and her sweet family.   Her parents have a house in Tucson as well, so sometimes we get to see each other if we are visiting at the same time.

I had to share this picture I took at Sabino Canyon.  I love Tucson skies!  It was pretty cold, but we warmed up pretty fast.


Tyler and I are usually ready to get home when we go on vacation, but we are rarely ready to leave Tucson.  It is so relaxing!  We are pretty sure we will do just fine in retirement.

The best part about going to Tucson is I don’t worry about anything which is rare for me.  I came home with an extreme sense of calmness even with the list of things we have/want to get done this weekend.  It will all get done.  It always does (luckily I have a partner who also likes to get things done).  I think everyone should have a place they can go (even if it is close by) to recharge.  Taking time to truly relax is part of taking care of your health.

What seeds do you want to plant this year towards a healthier you?  I hope to take more walks at Piedmont Park or Chastain to recharge on a more regular basis.

Here’s to a healthy and happy year ahead!



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