Find Your Own Song

I hope you have had a good week!  I got a lot done which always makes me feel accomplished come Sunday.  It gives me the mental free space to work on this sweet little blog.

I rarely read books that are not about wellness or nutrition, but when a sweet friend buys a girl a book for her birthday she should at least read the first few chapters.  I did just that a few days ago, and I am hooked!  For the love by Jen Hatmaker is a laugh out loud, thought-provoking, book about what it is like to be a woman in today’s society.



She is a little older than me, but I can identify with so many things that she writes about.  Like her, I have the ability to think about an organize 10 different things at the same time in my head.  My husband, on the other hand, is quite good at focusing on one thing at a time for long periods of time.  I do not have that kind of patience.

In all honesty, it wasn’t until this past year that I truly felt comfortable in my own skin which is part of being healthy!!!  Being healthy is not just about eating right, exercising, and sleeping well.  It was very stressful wanting to be more or to be like someone else.  My adrenals were all over the place.

Jen writes about when she was twenty-nine and put everyone else on a pedestal.  She says, “Other people were my benchmarks, and comparison stole entire years.  I lost much time in jealousy, judgment, and imitation.  I just couldn’t find my own song.  I struggled to celebrate others’ achievements because they felt like indictments on my uncertainty.  Now fully able to cheer wildly for friends and colleagues, I am free to be me without the constrictive mesh netting around my heart, everyone else is free to be themselves, and I am thrilled for all of us.”  This is me.  It is so freeing to be in a place where I feel good in my own skin and can celebrate those around me.

I was so scared when I left the classroom to pursue my passion for health and wellness.  I had to completely start over.  Luckily, I had a supportive partner, family, and friends.  Without them, the transition would have been much harder.  After many certifications and experience in the field, it is clear to me that I made the right choice.  My gifts are now being utilized which feels so good.

Jen writes, “Maybe you need to invest in your gifts.  Take a class.  Go to a conference…Put that website up…Say yes to that thing…Stop minimizing what you are good at and throw yourself into it with no apologies.  Do you know who will do this for you?  No one.  You are it.”  Enough said. 🙂

Whether you are a woman or a man, I encourage you to sing your own song.  For the love of whomever…stop standing in your own way.  Get out there and share your gifts with the world!  Jen encourages all of us to run our race because we are made to run.

Have you found your song?





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