Healthy Movement

Happy Friday! Even though I am not working full-time anymore, I still love Fridays!

I wanted to share what I have been researching and practicing this week. Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I felt like I should treat myself like a delicate butterfly (even though my mom said I was fine). I stopped doing twists in yoga immediately, and I stopped all exercise that involved jumping.  My instincts were telling me to protect our baby. At some point, I knew I was not going to be able to do what I used to do in barre which is fine. I am pretty good at listening to my body now. The most recent development is that my low back starts to talk to me if we were on all fours, and lying on my back is no longer comfortable.  Luckily, I can still get a great workout at the barre!

When I went to Barre3 Druid Hills on Monday, my low back was feeling less than awesome. After class, the instructor (who I adore) asked how I felt which ended up turning into a 20 minute conversation! I told her about how I am finding that I really need to modify now. She immediately recommended I check out Nutritious Movement, so, of course, I jumped on my computer the minute I got home. You all need to check it out!

Katy Bowman hit the nail on the head…

It’s clear that no one in our culture moves enough—there’s even a new category of movement alongside “active” and “sedentary” called “actively sedentary” to describe the movers among us, who move on average only 4 percent of the time and spend the rest of their time as sedentary as the couch potatoes.

It is so common for people to go to the gym for an hour, and then sit the rest of the day at a desk, behind a steering wheel, or on the couch. Nutritious movement is about moving all day long. She even breaks up movement into micronutrients (corrective exercises) and macronutrients (larger categories of movement- like walking, squatting, carrying, etc.) Katy also recommends sitting on the floor to eat and work on the computer.  Interestingly enough, we already eat on the floor! I am trying to do my computer work on the floor now as well. I sit on a little pillow. The simple action of being able to get down to the floor and get back up on our own is an indicator of our health. She also recommends we all go barefoot (when possible). Shoes alter the way stand and walk. Our muscles have to do more work if we are barefoot. Thank goodness I got a pedicure last weekend! 🙂


My goal is to move in a more functional way in my everyday life. My center of gravity is starting to move forward, so I am going to do my best to be even more mindful when I move. My low back has not hurt since Monday which is a good indicator that what I am doing is working (for now). I am doing what I recommend my clients do…planting seeds of change in an effort to find the healthiest version of me.

Do you feel like you are active, actively sedentary, or sedentary? What is one small thing you can change to be more active on a daily basis?


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