Weekend Things

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend! I flew solo because Tyler went to his nephew’s graduation in Wichita. I wish I could have been there, but, for this first baby, I decided not to fly after Christmas. I rather be safe than sorry.

I actually got a lot done over the weekend. I spent all of Friday afternoon organizing the nursery. It looks great, and I felt so accomplished when I got done! Saturday morning, I went to an awesome yoga class at Infinity Yoga in Brookhaven. I have been going to the beginner’s class for the past few months, and it feels so good! If you are local and are looking for a yoga studio, you need to check them out! They have studios in Dunwoody and Old Fourth Ward as well. Saturday afternoon, I went to a breastfeeding class. I left feeling totally overwhelmed and nervous because there is so much to think about!!! I know I just need to do it to feel better.

We did learn a lot including things like this…awesome.


I went to barre3 on Sunday and then met a friend for coffee (I drank water :)). Even though Tyler was gone during dinner on Sunday night, I still made an awesome dinner! Tyler got really sick of salads for lunch a few months ago and asked if I could start making enough at dinner so he could take leftovers. Honestly, I used to make just enough for the two of us. Anyway, I tried a new recipe on Sunday night, and it was sooooo yummy! New favorite for sure!

Sarah at Making Thyme for Health has some amazing recipes. You need to try her One Skillet Mexican Quinoa.

One of my favorite smells in the kitchen is garlic and onion sauteing along with herbs and spices. Mmmm…


The final product was bursting with flavor and so satisfying! I crumbled a few blue corn chips on top for an added crunch. Also, as you can see, I didn’t make the guacamole. I opted for half of a fresh avocado which was delicious. Let’s face it, nothing beats the creamy goodness of fresh avocado.


Lastly, I thought I would share my favorite almond butter and dark chocolate as of lately. My nutbutter and dark chocolate obsessions definitely go through phases. Sometimes I want sunbutter while other times I want NuttZo. This week I am craving almond butter! I also brand hop when it comes to dark chocolate. I find Green & Black’s to be a little creamier than other brands. I am definitely craving creamy things right now.


Note: NaturAlmond is a local company. I am not sure if they are distributing their products to other areas of the country. If so, buy some ASAP! If not, I am sure it is coming!

Have a great week!


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